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U.S. auto insurance protection resource. An independent guide to auto insurance coverage for drivers of all ages.

Discover best value auto insurance and collect quotes direct from carriers in your area.

Learn about separate coverage types; the function role and purpose of auto insurance coverage.

Mandatory and optional coverage explored by state.

In addition to standard auto insurance quotes, we cover high risk, non owners insurance and more. Learn about gap insurance and discover auto insurance for teenagers and young drivers.

Whatever your policy need, you'll find resources to help secure affordable auto insurance protection.

Well into our connected century there exists widespread misunderstanding about auto insurance pricing. We explain how pricing works leading you to a better value premium. Too many drivers falsely equate auto insurance pricing with that of conventional goods. The role of auto insurance base rates and the rating system as applies to quote and premium pricing is poorly understood. As a consequence, many drivers are sold on the idea of discount being the primary route to best value. This is not the case. Insurers of course have a vested interest in marketing their policies to best effect, but even quality media perpetuate misconception about the importance of various factors that affect your auto insurance quote.

  • Auto insurance quotes and rate guidance.
  • Premium reduction techniques explained in context.
  • State coverage, carriers, information and local resources.
  • Tips and advice.


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