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Auto insurance quote | the right coverage at the right price. Find authorized discount providers and top carriers who may offer the best auto insurance quote. Instant auto insurance quote information including top companies, potential local carriers and where available, indicative rates to help you target choice insurers and move on a quick auto insurance quote today.

Purchasing directly from approved insurers here online guarantees the best pricing available from the carrier when compared to any broker service; making full use of commission free premiums and discounts for purchasing online. A quick auto insurance quote can often be obtained from major carriers and other provider's own websites once your target choice is made; find yours fast.

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Here we examine what goes into the average auto insurance quote for a fully comprehensive policy, sometimes referred to as standard coverage. In addition to offering standard policies, carriers also provide the most basic of policies as required by law in each state (basic coverage).

The distinction is made between mandatory coverage (you are required to have by law) and optional coverage (perhaps the elements of most interest). On average, the typical auto insurance quote will reflect all of the following:

quote auto insurance

1. Mandatory most states: Bodily injury liability. Pays out where you are held liable for injury caused to another driver, passengers or pedestrians. The standard auto insurance quote will contain liability limits which exceed those required by the law as minimum mandatory amounts.

2. Mandatory most states: Property damage liability. Covers you if held liable for damaging another person's property (their vehicle, house etc.). Again, a standard auto insurance quote will contain higher dollar limits and in the case of both of the above (1 & 2) may contain legal defense costs.

3a. Mandatory for no-fault system states: Personal injury protection (PIP no-fault states). Pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses for yourself and passengers and sometimes additional damages including lost wages. For fault states, the average auto insurance quote may contain:

3b. Optional: Medical payments coverage: Pays medical expenses for you and your passengers only.

4a. Mandatory or optional: Un/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) bodily injury. Pays your medical bills where another driver at fault has no insurance or is underinsured.

4b. Un/underinsured motorist property damage. Pays for damage to your property (vehicle, house etc.) where an at fault driver was un/underinsured.

5. Optional: Collision coverage. An important part of the average auto insurance quote pays for damage done to your own vehicle caused by collision with an object (including other vehicles).

6. Optional: Comprehensive coverage. An auto insurance quote will typically contain coverage offered as "comprehensive". This provides financial protection for damage caused to your vehicle other than by collision. Most noteworthy are fire, vandalism, attempted and outright theft loss, a valuable component of the better auto insurance quote. If your vehicle is stolen and never recovered, without comprehensive cover you receive nothing from your auto insurance. A full auto insurance quote may also contain additional coverages:

7. Optional: Towing and labor. Reimburses for emergency repairs and breakdown recovery.
8. Optional: Rental reimbursement. For the cost of hiring a temporary vehicle whilst yours is unavailable.

When you receive an auto insurance quote which contains collision and comprehensive (5 & 6) you will be subject to a deductible for these coverages. The amount of the deductible is typically open to choice. Whenever you seek an auto insurance quote it is useful to request the total premium cost in respect to two deductible choices (e.g. $500 and $1,000). The often significant price difference may help you decide what deductible value to choose. Once comfortable with coverage choice and target carriers, get your auto insurance quote here online directly from the best insurers and discount providers.


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