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Liability auto insurance | from authorized providers who may offer discounts online. Auto liability insurance may be purchased from discount providers and top carriers alike, either separately or as part of standard package auto insurance. Liability auto insurance typically offered as part of any full coverage policy normally contains individual liability auto insurance limits, beyond the minimum amounts required under each state's law.

What is liability insurance. Auto liability insurance is financial protection for the insured policyholder from the risk and consequences of lawsuits. It pays a third party claimant monies awarded in a judgment and may pay for costs associated with the legal process, such as defense costs.

auto liability insurance

Liability auto insurance is required by law. Each driver who owns and operates a passenger vehicle is required to hold coverage or financial protection against auto insurance liability claims.

What is liability insurance coverage. This is the individual elements or coverages which make up the liability auto insurance as a whole. They may include, Bodily Injury liability and Property Damage liability auto insurance. Each state sets it's own legal minimum auto insurance requirements.

auto liability insuranceOne may legally own and operate a vehicle where they hold such minimal coverage, however, most drivers choose to purchase further coverages on top of their liability auto insurance, since these additional coverages are designed to provide financial protection for expenses associated with damage to the owner's actual vehicle, which is a separate issue to protection from lawsuit liability.


Auto insurance policies that contain additional coverages for the auto itself, to cover circumstances such as accident repairs, fire damage, theft and vandalism are known as full cover standard policies.

Liability auto insurance only policies are known as basic or most basic policies. Auto liability insurance has financial limits as to how much the policy may payout in the event.

These dollar sums of money are referred to as the "limit of liability", that is, the maximum the insurer will payout in a settlement with the third party claimant. In the case of the standard full cover polices offered by insurers, these limits are normally higher than the state legally requires them to be.

Liability auto insurance limits from each insurer may be offered "as low as, or as high as". As low as reflects the state mandated minimum coverage amount. As high as reflects your choice of better protection.

The dollar limits for liability auto insurance are written or expressed for example as: 25/50/10. What does this mean?

Definition: there are three figures. The first two figures refer to Bodily Injury liability (BIL) and the third to Property Damage liability auto insurance (PDL). Bodily Injury is coverage for lawsuits and claims from persons physically injured as a result of an auto accident held to be your fault.

Auto liability insurance for property damage (PDL) is coverage for lawsuits and claims for damage you caused to a person's property (mostly their vehicle). The figures: 25/50/10 mean that the maximum limits of liability auto insurance are: 1. $25,000 BIL per person injured with 2. $50,000 limit per accident and 3. $10,000 PDL per accident. 

Cheap Liability Auto Insurance

You may get cheap liability auto insurance from a number of carriers in your state here. Some states do not legally require any BIL liability auto insurance, but may have an alternative coverage legal requirement. The rates for auto liability insurance vary from state to state and between each company who offers auto liability insurance. Auto insurance liability coverage rates also change periodically, so shopping about to find the cheapest provider is an important and useful task. Some states, whilst having average priced full or standard coverage policies, actually have a high cost liability auto insurance component. For this reason, it is worth checking what the additional cost to raise limits or add additional vehicle related coverages is. Find the best rates for automobile liability insurance direct from top companies here online now.


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