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Non Owners Auto Insurance

Non owners auto insurance | The best protection and non owner savings. Non owners auto insurance quotes are available from top rated insurers and local discount carriers in your state.

Non Owners Auto Insurance
What is non owners auto insurance? Insurance protection for license holders that do not own and insure a vehicle personally. Non owners auto insurance is a product that provides the policyholder with liability insurance protection. Similar to the liability coverage within a standard owners policy, non owners auto insurance provides coverage for situations where you may become financially liable for causing bodily injury to another person, or damaging their property as a result of operating a car or passenger auto.

non owners insurance

Non owners auto insurance can be valuable to the many drivers that borrow or rent autos fairly regularly but don't hold regular auto insurance. In the case of renting, owners can normally count upon their own private policy when they rent a car.

Do I need non owners auto insurance? Not having regular owner insurance means that the cost to stay protected with over-the-counter rental liability insurance can mount up for those non owners that hire a vehicle routinely.

non owners insuranceCheap non owners insurance can be a cost effective way to get liability protection. Non owners insurance as with liability cover in general comes with a choice over the dollar amount of coverage that may be purchased. This is known as the 'limit of liability' for non-owner auto insurance and is the maximum amount that the insurer will payout. Various non-owner auto insurance limits may be available to buy. The higher the limits within non owners auto insurance quotes, the better the protection.

Non owners auto insurance in general only provides liability insurance, in the case where you are at fault and cause bodily injury to another or damage property, including another driver's car that may have been involved in an accident held your fault.

Non owners auto insurance does not provide coverage for physical damages done to the auto that you were driving. Property damage relates (principally) to damage that you may cause to another vehicle in a collision. Thus non owners auto insurance does NOT include these types of coverage:

  • Collision Coverage (non owner auto insurance will not cover physical damage done to the car your driving)
  • Comprehensive Coverage (non owner auto insurance will not cover fire or theft of the vehicle)

Non Owners Insurance

non owner auto insurance

There are two main scenarios where non owners insurance becomes relevant.

Non Owners Auto Insurance In The Case Of Hired Cars:

  • For those that hire with sufficient regularity, non owners insurance can be much cheaper than the annual total cost of liability insurance from rental companies.
  • Non owners insurance may offer better increased financial protection over rental company liability coverage.
  • Still necessitates the purchase of CDW/LDW in order to transfer financial obligation for physical damage to the car your driving back to the rental co.

Non Owners Auto Insurance In The Case Of Borrowed Cars:

  • Physical damage to the borrowed car that was your fault should be covered under the owners collision coverage.
  • A non owners auto insurance policy allows the holder to have / build an insured history that may be useful at such time as the driver acquires an owner's policy themself.
  • Not relevant for an auto that is borrowed from an family member owner living at the same address.
  • Non owners auto insurance affords a back-up in addition to the owners own liability coverage, that may not be adequate in the event. A liability insurance claim resulting from your operation of the auto will first be made against/on the owners policy. If, as may often be the case, the auto owner is not holding enough insurance protection then your non owners auto insurance can step in to meet the shortfall. In such case, without your own non owners auto insurance, your financial assets could be at risk when you become sued.

Non Owner Auto Insurance Quote

You may get a named non owner auto insurance quote from select carriers listed here. Non owned auto insurance quotes should be made available from multiple carriers in your area. In the same way for standard auto coverage, shopping with a few carriers for quotes direct is essential, especially when looking for cheap non owners auto insurance. The important thing is the insurers underlying base rates. Non owners auto insurance quotes are heavily influenced by the original pricing set by insurers before any adjustments for driver circumstance or discounts. By shopping the market and doing a quotes comparison you increase your probability of getting a cheap non owners auto insurance quote. Note that a broker may help but can only quote from the portfolio of companies that they sell products on behalf of. In most cases your carrier choice will greatly exceed a brokers capacity. Brokers in general are not focused on offering a low cost non owners policy and the carriers that they represent might not afford you best value. Online it may be more difficult to obtain a quote for non owners auto insurance. Bear in mind that only certain major carriers transact online, with the majority referring the customer to an approved independent agent. In itself, purchasing via the internet will not guarantee a cheaper price with non-owner auto insurance, just as with regular insurance. For non owners auto insurance quotes you may start here with approved carriers in your state and find the best non owners insurance today.


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