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Online auto insurance | Find carriers that can offer you a better deal today. Online auto insurance is available now from top insurers and other companies licensed to sell insurance in your state. Discover cheap online auto insurance companies and your best choice for cheap online auto insurance today. Gathering quotes can save you a lot of money. See how much you can save online now.

Online Auto Insurance
When shopping for a new policy, online auto insurance resources are abundant. You can find numerous online auto insurance providers offering quotes and savings opportunities. Compared to what you may think, the role that online auto insurance plays is limited.

cheap online auto insurance

Here we consider some important questions:

- Is purchasing online auto insurance cheaper?
- How many sites furnish quotes back via the internet?
- Are there any pitfalls to avoid when looking for cheap companies and rates?
- What role does online auto insurance serve?

Cheaper Online Auto Insurance

cheap online auto insurance  If you purchase online auto insurance, is it cheaper than going through an agent? Not necessarily. Insurance companies or carriers that transact online, for the most part, also sell their policies via a network of independent agents. Online auto insurance purchased from a carrier might be cheaper, but it could also be more expensive than the price that an agent could provide for the exact same company product. This may seem odd, since you might expect that online auto insurance comes with less overhead, and without agent commission the quote should be cheaper.

Online auto insurance from traditional carriers set up to offer it has no guarantee of being cheaper. Some companies issue a disclaimer to this effect. Despite this fact, when looking for the cheapest online auto insurance from carriers the real problem is choice.

In each state there are typically dozens of insurance companies available; insurers that underwrite the policy (not brokers or insurance services). Online auto insurance as a method of purchase is only available from a limited number. Most carriers, despite all having a website, choose to redirect you to an independent agent in order to progress with a quote in the traditional manner.

So, when looking for online auto insurance from a carrier, the price may or may not be cheaper, and the number of carriers able to transact online is relatively limited. Online auto insurance is the preserve of major carriers.

Online Auto Insurance Sites

How many sites furnish quotes back via the internet? We have discussed how traditional carriers are limited in their ability or preference to issue online quotes. What about direct online auto insurance? Direct insurance is a business model that, unlike traditional carriers, is not dependent on or geared around a network of offline agents.

Is direct online auto insurance cheaper? Again, not necessarily. Direct insurance (where quotes are made available direct to the consumer without the involvement of a network of agents) is theoretically cheaper. Online auto insurance direct from such direct insurance providers may offer a good rate saving over a traditional model of delivery but ultimately its all relative.

Regardless of where you source quotes from, that is whether you buy online auto insurance direct from a direct insurer, other carrier, offline via an agent or through other online sources, what matters most is the underlying basic rate. Insurers set base rates that when viewed for insurers as a whole are highly variable. Online auto insurance rates or those from an agent can differ greatly, one insurer to the next.

Online auto insurance rates and the quotes for policies purchased offline are all based on the rate set according to the driver's core risk profile and location. For every specific location, zip code or territory each insurer establishes a basic rate. This rate may depend on your age, gender and marital status as core risk criteria. So these rates vary within and between insurance companies for a given location.

Whether an online auto insurance rate or offline, the scope of rate differentials is significant and since these determine how competitive quotes become, finding the right carrier for you is more important than the source of the quote when you are looking to save.

Non-Carrier Online Auto Insurance Companies

There are many websites including online auto insurance companies that offer quotes for your auto insurance other than actual insurers themselves. Unfortunately, the majority either do not provide online auto insurance price quotes or quote for a very limited geography or carrier list. Let's consider some:

- Matching Service Site

Collect information typically via an online quote proforma, but then distribute your info to a network of insurance sales people. No quote or quotes are returned through the website although you may be expecting such.

- Affiliate Site

Again, often using an online quote form, these sites do not provide instant online auto insurance by return. In fact they direct you to one or two carriers with which they are affiliated in the hope you will buy their product.

- Online Brokerage

These are online auto insurance brokers or independent agents delivering service via the internet. Some are licensed in multiple states, others are only licensed in one state, so unless you live in that state your information may be passed off to some partner or third party business. Online auto insurance brokers can provide quotes on behalf of multiple carriers but there are problems in addition to the cheaper question above.

Online auto insurance brokerages and traditional independent agents typically represent only a fraction of the available carriers in a given state. These companies may not represent the best value for you. Since brokers earn commission they have obvious incentives. If your looking for decent coverage for an average price then brokers can help, however if your looking for below average quotes and real savings it is advisable to do some research yourself.

Pitfalls To Avoid?

- Some insurance services market themselves as end-carriers or insurers. In some cases consumers have believed they were dealing with an insurance company directly, when in fact they were doing business with a broker. Not surprisingly, it is these types of operators that have in the past given rise to complaints about bogus fees, for example to "lock in" a special rate or an insurance application processing fee.
- Is the online auto insurance provider licensed in your state?
- Assuming that purchasing online auto insurance must to be cheaper.
- Thinking that brokers will price test a large list of potential companies for you or the majority available in your state. Assuming that a broker's quote is the cheapest deal.

The Role of Online Auto Insurance?

The internet is a good way to learn about coverage types and choices, and the ways that you can save money. You can also discover wider carrier choice, important when a cheap quote and policy is needed. Most carriers use their website as a starting point for a quote and will refer you to an approved agent. Those carriers that allow you to buy online auto insurance are trustworthy in terms of your privacy.

Carriers providing an online auto insurance quote can often provide additional online services in support of the claims process allowing you to begin and monitor a claim via their website. Many non-carrier sites don't actually provide quotes online despite your expectation. Online brokers actually licensed in your state can help, but don't expect the cheapest or even a particularly cheap deal. Direct online auto insurance carriers or 'direct insurers' may offer no price advantage to you compared to carriers that rely on an agent network.

Cheap Online Auto Insurance

You can find many companies here online than offer cheap online auto insurance. Shopping for multiple quotes is ultimately what leads to the greatest savings. Whilst many companies advertise such, they do not provide you with a quote or quotes comparison back via their website. In itself, the internet as a purchase medium does not guarantee a cheaper price. Rate competitiveness is what dictates quotes; the choice of provider is key, not the source of the quote. Using the web to research carrier choice can help you discover better value premiums for the same coverage amounts or product. Online auto insurance discounts, for purchasing over the internet are meaningless. Most online auto insurance providers and insurers that sell through traditional agent networks offer a wide range of discounts. Generally speaking, discounts are a sales and marketing creation that masks the real issue, that is the underlying base rate or competitiveness of the original price quote. Cheap online auto insurance and cheap policies secured offline simply depends on the carrier chosen and their rate set for you as a driver. Online and offline uncovering the cheapest deal is about finding which carrier happens to have set the lowest base pricing for your location and driver risk group. What's at stake? Several hundred dollars or more on an annual full coverage premium. For the best online auto insurance source visit carriers direct. You can find a list for your area here.


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